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The Croissant Chrome extension is simple to use, and ensures you never miss out on value while you shop.

  1. Install the Croissant Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Log in or sign up to Croissant with your Google account and begin shopping on one of our eligible brands and retailers.
  3. Receive Guaranteed Buyback™ options wherever they're available in your online shopping journey.
  4. See the total Guaranteed Buyback™ value of your cart before you check out, so you can make the most informed purchases.
  5. After you check out, go to your Croissant account to see new Guaranteed Buybacks™ in your Collection!
What brands and retailers are eligible with the Croissant Chrome Extension?

The Croissant Chrome extension currently supports over 108 eligible merchants, like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Lululemon, and we're growing every day. Check out the full list of brands here.

What if Croissant doesn't support my favorite brand or retailer?

If your favorite brand is not supported by the Croissant Chrome extension, be sure to "Request Merchant" so that we can work to add it to our list of partners. And, in the meantime, sync your Gmail to Croissant to receive Guaranteed Buybacks™ for any Croissant-eligible items from that brand after purchasing.