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Customers spend 50% more when they’re empowered with Guaranteed Buybacks™

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The resale market is big and growing fast.

  • $211B

    resale market growing 9x faster than retail

  • 82%

    of younger customers consider resale value before they buy

  • 42%

    of Gen Z is less likely to buy apparel without good resale value

But most retailers aren't benefiting from it. Guaranteed Buybacks™ are the easiest way to ensure you are.

Guaranteed Buybacks™ are a win-win-win for:

  • Your Bottom Line
    • Increased AOV
    • More Full-Price Sales
    • Fewer Returns
  • Your Customers
    • Greater incremental spending power
    • Hassle-free resale
  • Your Resale Presence
    • More control over your resale pricing and data
    • Effortless participation in the circular economy

How it works

  1. A screenshot of the Croissant Chrome extension

    Price Products

    We work with you to ensure that the Guaranteed Buyback™ values we offer are in line and build brand equity.

  2. A screenshot of the Croissant Chrome extension checkout

    Display Buybacks

    Guaranteed Buybacks™ makes purchases feel more attainable, even when customers are paying full-price.

  3. A screenshot of the Croissant iOS app

    Effortless Circularity

    Join the resale ecosystem without the hard work and let Guaranteed Buybacks™ dramatically increase loyalty and reduce returns

Learn how to put Croissant to work for you.

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